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This year's conference was attended by 78 people - mainly designers and landscape contractors. The meeting was led by Wojciech Januszczyk, who also inaugurated the conference with the fourth lecture in the series “The Garden Is Also a Home”.
Landscape Architect Mirosław Sztuka shared his landscape development experience in Russia. He presented the ins and outs of cooperation with investors of housing estates, discussing their projects and realization. Włodzislaw Barcikowski, a producer of perennials, drew attention to species and variants suited for urban conditions. Dr. Magdalena Gruna presented Vectorworks Landmark Ogród I Krajobraz software and its use in landscape architecture.
The last lecturer, British designer Ann-Marie Powell associated with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for many years and author of three books, regularly collaborates with industry magazines and television. The designer focused on trends that she observes in modern British landscape architecture - urban - orderly and geometric as well as - rural, where plants composed in English style play the main role.
She noted the use of strong colors in gardens, use of stone in its various forms, lighting, as well as use of the garden after dark and the selection of suitable plants.
The conference brought many inspirations from the West – the cradle of garden art, and from the East, a place of enormous potential and even greater challenges. Polish landscape art is somewhere in the middle, drawing inspiration from both realities and creating original quality. The conference and GREEN IS LIFE exhibition is a place where participation itself is part of the creative process.




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